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Collection Archiving and Sharing

With an annual membership, you can catalog, document, and archive your entire collection within your private digital space. Our access rights management system allows you to grant permissions according to your needs - for individuals or entities and regarding items and/or segments of your collection. Should you prefer anonymity, all your personal data will be masked.

We are cognizant of the upcoming EU Cultural Asset Protection laws. Our system allows for the storage and referencing of information required for cross-border coin transfers.

Forgery-proof Coin Provenance (Coin Pass)

In the realm of coin collecting, reliable provenance is paramount. With us you can create forgery-proof certificates of authenticity. They will be based on existing information but can be enhanced by expert insights if you wish.

The key information for the identification of each individual coin is securely stored on the blockchain. If necessary, for instance in case of theft, our framework allows for the addition of supplementary information or status updates.

We offer Coin Pass generation services either as a self-directed or fully managed solution. The pricing model is designed as a blend of a fixed fee and a variable component dependent on the coin's value (sale price).

Collection Insurance

We recognize the inherent value of information and have taken measures to ensure our entire archive, including your archive, is fully insured. If you desire further coverage extending beyond your digital assets to include the physical coins they represent, we offer tailored insurance services. This supplementary service together with the Coin Pass also establishes a foundation for leveraging your assets as collateral with banking institutions.

Our Pricing

Our pricing packages are thoughtfully tailored to accommodate our clients' individual needs, generally incorporating a combination of the following elements:

  • an annual membership fee
  • service based fees
  • transaction fees

For first mover clients, we offer comprehensive service bundles, including the annual membership fee, a managed custody wallet fee, as well as transaction credits.

Further details, inclusive of discounted membership fee options for early adopters, can be provided upon request. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for more information.

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