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Membership plans

Our membership plans are tailored to our customer needs. While coin collectors mainly benefit from our archiving and sharing function, professionals may focus more on knowledge sharing regarding coin provenance creation and preservation - with their clients and among the numismatist community. Mints mainly benefit from creating and storing tailer-made content in this community


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The first 100 collectors get a free annual membership. Discounts ranging from 90% to 10% are available up to the first 1.000 collectors. The sooner you sign up, the larger the discount.

1,000.00 CHF / YEAR

(2 credits included)

  • Stay anonymous
  • Store all documents in one place
  • Archive and share data as you wish
  • Use expert know-how
  • Secure ownership and provenance
  • Streamline communication with authorities
  • Be optimally insured
  • Leverage the underlying value of the coins

coin dealers

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All Coin Dealers get a 50% discount for the first annual membership.

MIN 2,500.00 CHF / YEAR *

(MIN 3 credits included)

  • Support your clients in creating seamless pedigrees
  • Preserve all numismatic expertise in Coin Passes (CoA)
  • Advocate each coins' uniqueness
  • Support your clients in administrative matters
  • Stay in touch with your clients
  • Reach a new cohort of younger, digitally native collectors


15,000.00 CHF / YEAR

(10 credits included)

  • Make specific coins of your mintage unique
  • Store selected content in client wallets
  • Support your clients in administrative matters
  • Build and manage client communities
  • Offer physical and digital custody solutions
  • Reach a new cohort of younger, digitally native collectors

* Membership fees are aligned to the level of accreditation and vary from CHF 2'500 to the maximum of CHF 15'000

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